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How Can I Make Money Writing Online?

Its not that easy nor difficult to make money by writing online. We have a system that pays its users for writing Quotes and stories online. So to be able to write on quotes stars, Please follow these simple steps.

At quotes stars we have a secure and manual system to operate all over business. At quotes stars, we have fully functional earning system.

We pay our users based on there quotes, and uniqueness. Let we understand this system by an example.

Suppose, Ravi join Quotes Stars and become our member. In the given month Ravi write 10 quotes and all written quotes are 100. In the given month we generate a business of $100. So how much Ravi get.

Income ShareNo. Income
Ravi ( No. Of Quotes) 10$6
Ravi ( Quotes with Original Image) 5$5
Ravi ( Quotes without Images)5$1
Income Table

So in final Ravi will get $6/2= $3 (50% Income Share) in his account. That is a simple calculation based on number of quotes.

Joining Plan:

We have strong userbase and trust in us. Thats why we not recommend that any one can join our network.
To join Quotes stars, You have to submit Rs 1000 ( Joining Charge). We take this charge so that no one can spam our network.


Joining Charge: Rs 500 ( 50% Off)

How To Join Quotes Stars:

To join quotes stars, Simply follow this simple method.

Simply send your details to: [email protected] or [email protected]
With Name, Email, Mobile No., Paytm Account Number( For Payment).
Once we received your details will send you the Payment link.
You have to make a payment of Rs 500 and your account will be approved to start writing.